IoT based Face mask.


So COVID-19 has really messed up 2020 and everyone is trying to come up with some solution to overcome this obstacle. Amongst the several we have Sai Smaran from Bangalore India. Sai is a 10th grade student who came up with an unique solution to a very common problem we face with masks everyday. In […]

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arduino relay

How to use Relays with Arduino


How to control AC appliances with Microcontrollers like Arduino has always been a questions for beginners. As you may know Arduino works on 5V logic level i.e it can only control devices that operate on 5V. But what if you want to control devices/appliances that work on more than 5V like 24V or even 220V […]

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raspberry pi laptop crowpi 2

CrowPi-2 : STEAM Education Laptop.


Today I want to talk about a new STEAM education kit for Raspberry Pi that caught my attention. It’s called CrowPi-2 an all in one kit for STEAM education. So let’s learn more about what CrowPi-2 is and what it offers. What is a CrowPi-2? A Raspberry Pi based laptop for makers by Electrow. In […]

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